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HumanLAB+ is coming soon.

Get to know us better and observe as we prepare ourselves to become the first SEA manufacturer of high-precision, top-notch quality orthopedic implants by following our social media!  

About Us

The total incidence of fracture injury in the world in 2019 was 178 million cases.(1). Incidence of fracture injuries on said year in South-East Asia (SEA) alone stood at 10 million cases.(1) 

Even though the incidence of fracture injury in SEA is almost 6% of the total new cases in the world, most orthopaedic trauma implants and technologies distributed in SEA are made in China, Pakistan, or India, with only small fraction still produced in Europe or USA.

We are a group of trained medical doctors, highly skilled machinist and engineers, and business owners, collaborating to utilize our knowledge in bringing implant manufacturing to serve the markets in South-East Asia. We are aiming to increase product readiness and speed of delivery within the Asia region.

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News & Events

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Latest White Papers

Clinical TRIAL Methodology Overview and Planned Review

It is crucial that we are transparent on our clinical trials method and results. Our commitment to build users' and end-users' trust by inviting everyone to review our path towards product registration in SEA regions starts by prioritizing transparency from the earliest stage. 

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